Rules for not losing a soccer bet - Part 1

This is the first part of a series of soccer betting tips

Rules for not losing a soccer bet - Part 1

It’s the drive for profit that makes us regular or occasional visitors to bookmakers. Either we dare for the high stakes or dream big with the low stakes, we need to take caution before we book that bet.

These are rules of not losing a soccer bet for beginners in the hustle likewise the old gamesters.

One of the foremost rules is to never get hooked on the bookmaker. Promise yourself from the very beginning that you’ll never be in deep. If you’re gambling online, you can decide to bet with a separate bank account or electronic wallet where there’s a fixed amount to stake with for a certain period of time. Be disciplined.

You don’t want to be depositing desperately in those situations where you get all cranky about getting your ‘lost’ money back. It’s only a quicksand of regret after you might have blown all your money in quick succession of undaunted optimism. If it’s hard-earned money you’re staking, you need infallible patience and thorough research to go with it in order to have a better chance at not losing a soccer bet.

In conducting thorough research, you need to know everything possible about past matches of teams. Looking up team stats in sites like soccerway and futbol24 is advisable. You can get head to head stats, table information, probabilities in percentage and so on.

The best broad categories to bet on are winners and limits to number of goals.

Remember, odds do not necessarily define the surest possibilities. Most odds are created based on stats, some are based on human judgement, others are flipped in the heat of the moment (live matches), while few are fixed out of human error.

Bet365 offer the live streaming service so you can see many soccer matches online. Click here to view the live stream schedule on your desktop or log in to view it on a mobile.

Be prepared for surprises from those teams that have very low chances. Sometimes, you may have that urge to make a blind bid — no fact-checking or consultations. Never ever do that.

Stop buying games or bet codes too. People are still getting scammed with these fraudulent fixed matches advertised online. Keep in mind; there is no such thing. It’s appalling when some of these con artists make you bid with high stakes.

Losing a soccer bet can teach valuable lessons that will guide you in future bets. The more you lose, the more you learn; but learn fast to increase your chances of earning in geometric progression.

Read more rules in the next part.


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