Real Madrid vs Juventus: UEFA Champions League Final: Ultimate Proof and Colossal Warning to Man Utd, Barca

Real Madrid won the UEFA Champions League final and Manchester United and Barcelona should take heed

Real Madrid vs Juventus: UEFA Champions League Final: Ultimate Proof and Colossal Warning to Man Utd, Barca

The supposed highly anticipated clash of the titans turned out to be an ultimately disappointing play from Juventus. They shortchanged football lovers of a final match totally made in heaven.

Maybe half bread is better than none. Thankfully, Real especially Ronaldo did not make us settle for such after the halftime break. There was not enough fuel for determination to claim the trophy or Real Madrid just simply burned Juventus out with sheer royal quality.

Who wanted it so badly more than anybody else in each team? Cristiano Ronaldo and Gianluigi Buffon.

Gigi wanted it more than CR7. Anybody with a good knowledge of Juve’s history can understand his overwhelming desire after a consecutive series of unfortunate past UEFA Champions League final matches featuring Juventus.

Old Buffon was the saddest man of the night.

Real Madrid. What a team! They only took another chance to prove why they are the best football club in the world. They put up their best when it mattered most — throughout the second half of the match.

There was almost little top Manager Massimiliano Allegri could do against their might in the second half. No blame on him. Maybe his defensive inclination was not so right though. Very futile with the likes of the Galacticos.

Everybody knows the Spanish side deserved another of the prestigious shiny silverware. And everybody knows Mourinho’s Manchester United should be more than ready for the UEFA Super Cup final on August 8. Real can get pretty feisty during final matches regardless of their previous match with the Red Devils. There will be nothing friendly about that decider.

Zinedine Zidane can have any team manager’s head. How about those three upcoming El Classicos? Real will really need Ronaldo for each of those milestones. Arguably, It’s the Messi-Ronaldo line-up that maintains a fair balance.

Leo has to snap out of post-wedding softness and Cristiano has to skip being perfect at changing diapers for the meantime plus keep his mind a little off being an expectant father. The El Classicos don’t need ‘husband/father’ hormones. They need raging ‘kick, flick and trick’ vibes. Good thing they’re both very happy at the moment. Tax-troubled CR7 should be well over his ‘upset’ by now.

With Madrid stunning Juventus like that, United and Barca better take heed, notwithstanding the players going in and out during this transfer window. The world has not really felt the full potential of Zidane’s managerial skills and the new Adidas kit of the UEFA Champions league kings. OK, let’s leave the latter out of this. The winning mentality of this set is very transparent and almost divine. La Liga 2017/2018, beware again.

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