Championship: Seven Teams That Have Won The Most Top-Flight Titles

Here's a look at the Championship clubs that have won the most top-flight/Premier League titles

Championship: Seven Teams That Have Won The Most Top-Flight Titles

I think sometimes we need to be reminded about the size of some of the clubs in the Championship. In fact, it could be argued that some of the teams in the league are actually bigger than some current Premier League sides. Therefore, this new piece of content is all about celebrating some of those teams and some of the things that they have achieved in their past.

Obviously, it should be clear by now that this article is for some of the fans of the bigger clubs in the league. Of course, this is not a predictive piece in terms of this season – but more of a general feature. Nevertheless, I’m sure there will be plenty of debate on which one of these teams in the biggest in the league – and which ones have the best chance of promotion this season.

So, now we have that out of the way – let’s get stuck into it…

1. Aston Villa (Total Top-Flight Titles Won: 7)

It should come as little surprise to see Aston Villa topping this list. After all, they are one of the most famous clubs in England – and Villa Park is one of the most iconic stadiums. It could be argued that Villa have been mismanaged significantly over recent years and that’s why they find themselves in the Championship.

In terms of this season, they have made a slower start to the season than they would have liked. However, they have some very good players and remain my tip to win the league. It’s also worth noting that the Villa squad is also regarded as the most valuable in the Championship this season.

In terms of history, they have won seven top-flight titles. In fact, only Everton, Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester United have won more. Villa have spent a large amount of their history in the top division and will be keen to get back there as soon as possible. However, they haven’t won any major honours since the early 1980s and will be keen to put that right in the coming years.

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2. Sunderland (Total Top-Flight Titles Won: 6)

In many ways, there are similarities between Aston Villa and Sunderland. Both are clubs have been in decline over recent years – but have rich histories of better days in their past. Of course, they are both also playing in the Championship this season and hoping to make a return to the Premier League.

However, I can’t be so positive about the short-term success for Sunderland. The club have sold some key players – and looked to replace them with bargain buys. On top of that, I don’t rate Simon Grayson as one of the best coaches in the league – so they may well be one of the big clubs that face a season of struggle ahead.

In total, the Black Cats have won six top-flight titles, but the last of these came in the 1935-36 season, so like Villa they lack recent success. However, they have won the Championship before, most recently in the 2006-07 season. The Stadium of Light is a fantastic ground with a 49,000 capacity – and it’s quite clear that their fans expect success.

3. Sheffield Wednesday (Total Top-Flight Titles Won: 4)

Sheffield Wednesday are a slightly different case as they haven’t immediately come out of the Premier League. Wednesday though are still a massive club and have a rich history of performing in the top league in England. What we can say is they have been mismanaged a lot over recent years and that has led to them competing at a far lower level than they should have.

However, the Owls are now a team on the rise again – and look likely to get back to the Premier League sooner rather than later. In terms of history, the club have won top-flight titles on no less than four occasions. It has been a long time since Wednesday have tasted major success and they will want to remind themselves how that feels.

From a personal point of view, I remember growing up with the club being a regular Premier League side – and it’s good for our big clubs to be successful. The Championship is a tough league to get out of – but we need a side like this in the EPL. The Owls have reached the play-offs in the last two consecutive seasons and will be expecting a top six finish again this season.

4. Leeds United (Total Top-Flight Titles Won: 3)

I’m sure by now you are all starting to see how many massive clubs are playing in the Championship this season. Surely there will not be much dispute about Leeds United being a huge club – and they will certainly be aiming to return to the Premier League this season.

Last season was a huge step forward for the club and they were certainly unlucky to have missed out on the play-offs. This summer there have been various changes at the club both in terms of coaching staff and players – but the Whites will be hoping to build on what occurred last season nonetheless.

In terms of history, the club have won three top-flight titles and also finished as runners-up on five occasions. The club have also had their good times in Europe and will want to get back to the big-time at the earliest opportunity. Leeds have also made a positive start to this season and look prepared to spend for success.

5. Wolves (Total Top-Flight Titles Won: 3)

Wolves have had a lot of change this summer in terms of a new head coach and plenty of adjusting in terms of new players. In fact, they have been one of the biggest spenders in the Championship so far this summer.

The good news for them is they have made a positive start of the season and they will be looking to keep things going. The only concern is a matter of whether the approach at the club is right for the Championship or not. However, they are currently seen by many as the favourites to win the Championship and they will want to live up to that billing.

In terms of history, they have won three top-flight titles and have finished as runners-up on five separate occasions. Like all the teams on this list though that success occurred some time ago – and they are looking for the good times to come their way again. In general, the Championship is very interesting this season – and it could be one of the most exciting seasons seen for a long time.

6. Derby County (Most Top-Flight Titles Won: 2)

Derby County are a curious club in the Championship – and it’s constantly difficult to decide which direction they are heading in. In recent years players have come and gone and certainly, managerial changes have been a regular thing. However, that particular trend could be starting to change with the appointment of Gary Rowett.

Rowett has proved himself to be a very capable operator at Championship level following his time with Birmingham City. The Rams have made a reasonable start to the season and will be looking to build on things from here. In terms of their history, the club have won two top-flight titles and finished as runners-up on three occasions.

The club will be hoping to use that history to inspire the current team to remarkable things this season. It has been a mixed summer for them in terms of good players added – but also key players leaving. Derby will be hoping though they finally have the squad to get back to the Premier League. There’s no doubt the club is one of the biggest in the country and their history must be respected.

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7. Preston (Most Top-Flight Titles Won: 2)

Preston are seen as many as one of the smaller clubs in the Championship – but they have a rich history that includes them winning two top-flight titles as well as being runners-up on several occasions. These days, the club are fairly happy to be establishing themselves within the Championship following darker days in the lower leagues.

There isn’t much money available and it’s all about developing players – but there’s certainly change at the club as well. Simon Grayson has left to take over at Leeds United and Alex Neil has come in as his replacement. Although, things turned sour for Neil in the end at Norwich; he has still proved to be a capable manager and could do well at Preston.

Take things back to his time at Hamilton and he was someone that gained success through developing a team with limited resources. The situation at Preston is quite similar and could suit him down to the ground. But when you are watching the club this season, just remember they have a rich history and have achieved more than you may think.


This completes the end of the content section for this article as we discussed the Championship clubs that have won the most top-flight titles. As stated at the beginning of this content, it should not be read as predictive in terms of this season.

If you enjoy Championship content like this then keep an eye on my profile for all of the latest updates. Going forward, I’ll be covering a wide range of different topics that look back to history like this one, but also that look at what’s going on this season – especially with a focus on keys stats. I think this season the Championship will be truly fascinating, irrespective of how it ends up in the end.


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