Fantasy Premier League: How To Deal With Blank Gameweeks

Due to the EFL Cup final and the FA Cup quarter finals, there will be two gameweeks with blanks in the near future.


Preparing for blank gameweeks in FPL can be the difference between you winning and losing your mini-league. There will be two weeks coming up where several fixtures could be missing. We’ll take you through the details below.

The first blank: Gameweek 26

Because of the EFL Cup final, four teams will miss Gameweek 26 (weekend beginning 25 Feb).

Fixtures that have been postponed:

Southampton v Arsenal

Manchester City v Manchester United

The decision to drop or bench Ibrahimovic could be an important one as it’s a lot of money sitting on the bench for potentially two weeks, as United could well miss Gameweek 28 also.

The second (potential) blank: Gameweek 28

This week technically hasn’t been confirmed as a blank gameweek as of yet, but for that to be the case, all seven Premier League sides left in the FA Cup would have to be knocked out in the fifth round. So it’s pretty likely that we’ll be missing at least one fixture.

Fixtures that could be postponed (If teams in bold win in FA Cup):

Arsenal v Leciester

Southampton v Man U

Liverpool v Burnley

Chelsea v Watford

Man City v Stoke

Crystal Palace v Spurs

Middlesbrough v Sunderland

Fixtures that are confirmed as on:

Bournemouth v West Ham

Everton v West Brom

Hull v Swansea

Everton and West Brom have the best fixtures out of the confirmed fixtures, so it might be an idea to start bringing in players from those teams as they will play in GW 26 and 28.

It’s time to start getting rid of your Manchester United and City players and Southampton, if you have any.

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