Messi vs Ronaldo, frightening statistics and unbreakable records.

The duel of the titans is still ongoing

Messi vs Ronaldo, frightening statistics and unbreakable records.

Ronaldo vs Messi

The race for the best player in the world between Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi is turning them into the goal and assist machines, a duel which is amazing sports lovers all over the world, firstly for the high level, the high scoring rate and especially for the quality and spectacle they offer on the pitch.
It has been many years now, that Messi makes the rules at Barcelona while Ronaldo at Real Madrid. Between the years 2010-2012 Messi was unreachable, seemed like a demi-god when he entered the pitch, while in the 2012-2014 period it was Ronaldo who was shining.
During these last 2 years, the duel has been more balanced. Messi won the golden ball in 2015 and Ronaldo won right after that in 2016. It is almost a hundred percent sure that Cristiano Ronaldo is going to win it again, after the astonishing season he had where not only he won La Liga and the Champions League with Real Madrid but he was also crowned European champion with his country Portugal as they won Euro 2016.

Cristiano Ronaldo Stats in the 2016/17

The 2016-2017 season was perfect for Cristiano Ronaldo and there wasn't more he could ask for. Not only he added to his tally 3 more trophies, respectively La Liga, The UEFA Champions League and Euro 2016, but also he had one of his most productive years as he has managed to score a remarkable amount of 56 goals 61 matches. That is almost a goal per game, which is amazingly high in itself considering his age of 32 years old.

In the Spanish La Liga, he went for 25 goals in 29 matches and played a total of 2544 minutes, which is translated in a goal scored every 101.76 minutes. He also contributed for his team with 6 assists. He had an average of 5.6 shots per game and a pass success percentage of 80%.

Cristiano Ronaldo was chosen Man of the Match 4 times and throughout the whole season, his average rating was 7.61.
Whereas, for the UEFA Champions League stats he scored 12 goals in 13 matches earning the title of the Top Scorer in the tournament. He played 1200 minutes. This means Ronaldo had scored 1 goal every 100 minutes, which is very notable considering the high level of the competition.

He also helped his team with 5 assists. The average of shots per game was 5.6 and the pass success percentage was quite high, exactly 86.9%. Here he was elected 3 times Man of the Match and the rating was 8.06.
In the Euro 2016, he scored 3 goals in 7 matches and all 3 deciding goals for Portugal to continue their journey in the finals. He played only 625 minutes and would have played more if it wasn't for the injury at the start of the final against France.

His assists here were 2 and his shots per game were 6.4, higher than his average of 5.6 in La Liga and UCL. Pass success percentage was 84.6%. Ronaldo was also called Man of the Match twice and received the rating of 7.18.
The average rating throughout the 3 competitions was 7.67.

Lionel Messi Stats in the 2016/17

Lionel Messi can't say the same about this past season. While his performance has been on the positive he did not win any important tournament, except for the Copa Del Rey. He has scored an amazing amount of 37 goals in 32 matches averaging more than one goal per match. He has played in La Liga a total of 2833, so he has scored 1 goal every 76.56 minutes. This is a more impressive stat when compared to Ronaldo. Also, he has helped his team with 9 assists.  The average of shots per game was 5.3 and the pass success percentage 80.2%. Messi received the title Man of the Match 16 times. Messi's rating was 8.47.
In the UEFA Champions League, he managed to score 11 goals in 9 matches. Messi played for an amount of 810 minutes and has scored one goal every 73.63 minutes. Also, he contributed with 2 assists. The average of shots per game was 4.2. Pass success percentage was 81.4%. His participation in the UCL also resulted in him being titled Man of the Match a total of 2 times and with a rating of 8.24.

As for which of the two is the best player, the choice is yours to make...

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