Three-time MotoGP champion Jorge Lorenzo says that they admire him at Ducati but Yamaha treated him like any other employee.

The 29-year-old brought three titles home for the Japanese constructors but says he wasn’t treated the same as his then-teammate Marc Marquez.

Speaking to Autosport, the Spaniard said that the amount of engineers around to help him at Ducati was something he would’ve liked to see at Yamaha.

"I used to see Marquez's garage full of engineers. I asked for that but it never came

"In Ducati they treat me with a kind of admiration; in Yamaha I felt just like any other employee

"I could be an important piece of the thing, yeah, but in Ducati they respect and admire me a lot.

"They know they hired me in order to develop a better machine and to take a step ahead in performance."

Lorenzo says that the difference between the two teams is how the engineers integrate into the team.

Ducati’s technical director Gigi Dall’Igna is at the forefront of that; Lorenzo says that despite being at the top, he works like any other engineer.

"The main difference from Yamaha is that Gigi is at a different level than the rest of the engineers, but you just can't see that because he's completely integrated in the group.

"When the rider comes in he and the rest are on their knees to listen to him. In Yamaha the highest engineers don't have too much contact with work in the garage.

"Dall'Igna is a much closer person and that makes it possible to solve problems very quickly."

Lorenzo finished fourth in the final test in Qatar and will be chasing a podium in the first race there this weekend.