Everton cannot complain about Swansea's Gylfi Sigurdsson stance

Swansea want £50 million for their man and Everton will have to pay it to get him

Everton cannot complain about Swansea's Gylfi Sigurdsson stance

Like it or loathe it, the transfer market always makes for fascinating viewing when the football season is on hiatus.

The Premier League is where the biggest moves are made; with the TV money English clubs have been given allowing them to spend freely and exorbitantly.

Last season this was taken to extreme lengths as Paul Pogba returned to Manchester United for an eye watering world record fee that caused many quizzical looks. 

This summer saw them turn their attention to Merseyside, Everton in particular, as they paid big money to bring Romelu Lukaku to Old Trafford and reunite him with Jose Mourinho.

The Toffees had been stubborn in negotiations for the Belgian, consistently insisting they would not sell unless their £100 million asking price was met in full. 

In the end, it was, with £75 million being put down and add-ons plus Wayne Rooney’s return taking it to the golden number as far as they were concerned.

It’s an excellent price for a good player and not the first time they have played hardball to get the money they feel they deserve for one of their prize assets. A similar job was done on Manchester City when they pursued John Stones last summer. 

Indeed, when it comes to selling players at a premium price and not for a penny less than their own valuation, there are few better in the business than Everton. 

That is why they cannot complain about the path that Swansea City are taking in regard to their pursuit of Gylfi Sigurdsson. 

The Blues have made it abundantly clear they want the Iceland midfielder, his refusal to go on the Swans pre-season tour of the USA shows he is similarly keen on the move happening.

Swansea, though, are refusing to budge until Everton meet their valuation for the player. If reports are to be believed, that price is a lofty £50 million. A big fee, especially when Manchester City got Bernardo Silva for £42 million.

The Welshmen have every right to demand such a fee. Sigurdsson is their star man, virtually dragged them away from relegation and would be a huge loss to Paul Clement and his men. 

If Everton want him, they will have to pay the big price that has been set to obtain his services, even if that means paying far above his true value. 

It may be galling but Swansea are simply treating Everton how they have treated others in the past. In some ways, the Swans are paying the Blues a compliment. 

When big clubs want a player from a ‘smaller’ team, they’re usually forced to pay an exorbitant fee. Just look at how Everton have treated both Manchester clubs in the past two seasons. 

In their attempts to be a big club, Everton will face similar treatment in future. Clubs will look at the way Everton have demanded big fees from bigger clubs for their own players and adopt a similar stance.

It is an obstacle that Ronald Koeman and his team will have to find a way around. At this moment in time, though, they can’t complain about Swansea’s actions one bit.


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