Tottenham Transfer Latest: Danny Rose, Ryan Sessegnon and Manchester United

Will Danny Rose be leaving North London before the close of the transfer window?

Tottenham Transfer Latest: Danny Rose, Ryan Sessegnon and Manchester United

The close of the 2017 summer transfer window is just over a week away, with one football club notorious for their late dealings in the market.

For Tottenham Hotspur and Chairman Daniel Levy, the last week of a transfer window represents an opportunity to perhaps sign players at knock-down prices. This season seems to be no different, with the North London side set to be busy right up until transfer deadline day, with the club expecting some new arrivals and some departures between now and next Thursday's window closure.

With that in mind, I try get to the bottom of one story which has been brewing as of late, involving a string of coincidental events surrounding Tottenham Hotspur and a certain Manchester United's transfer tactics.

What has happened?

Earlier this summer, Manchester United were heavily linked with a move for Spurs left-back Danny Rose, with Tottenham knocking back any potential interest from Old Trafford. That interest was real. Then, coincidentally a short time after Spurs knocked back United's enquiry,  Danny Rose gave the shocking and surprising interview with The Sun in which the left-back indicated his desire to move back up North 'one day' and criticised Tottenham's transfer policies and recent signings, something which upset the Spurs hierarchy, including manager Mauricio Pochettino. The aim of the interview? To disrupt and agitate for a move away. Coincidental.

Following the interview, Spurs have shown strong and urgent interest in Fulham left-back Ryan Sessegnon, after failing with a bid to land the starlet earlier in the summer. Spurs also cheekily tested the waters with interest of their own in Man United's Anthony Martial, sending out a clear message to Old Trafford; make us an offer we can't refuse for Danny Rose.

Ryan Sessegnon

United, have responded with a message of their own. In the last few days, the club have supposedly registered interest in none other than...... Ryan Sessegnon, a player who 'coincidentally' Spurs have stepped up their interest in ever since Rose gave his interview to The Sun, which was orchestrated by those at Old Trafford. How many coincidences can there be?

Since Spurs made their interest known in the England youngster, Jose Mourinho has come out and publically declared his side are looking to sign one more player between now and the end of the transfer window, someone who can 'play left-back, or left-wing back'.

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What does all this mean?

The real bottom line is, United want Rose, and Rose has been convinced that a move to Man United is the player's next best move to develop further (make more money).

Spurs have played hardball throughout the summer.  The club have no desire to lose Danny Rose or any other integral first team players, with Kyle Walker to Man City the only high profile allowed to depart from the club during this particular window.

But after Danny Rose gave his interview to The Sun, Spurs boss Mauricio Pochettino's stance on keeping the player has softened, with Pochettino set to meet Danny Rose this week for crunch talks regarding the player's future.


Both clubs are playing hardball. United want Rose on the cheap. The club don't want to pay over the odds or swap any player in return, hence their interest in Sessegnon. If United were to sign Sessegnon, Spurs would be left with an unsettled player who wants to leave, rather this summer or in the near future, with the North London side having no long-term successor in place to his position.

Spurs still have the public stance of 'NOT FOR SALE' when it comes to Rose, but behind the scenes the club are making plans for Rose's potential departure. Even if Danny Rose and Mauricio Pochettino's relationship is seen to be beyond repair, Spurs will 100% not let Rose go anywhere on the cheap and will demand big money from United, or even a player (Martial in return) to let Rose leave. The club would then sign Ryan Sessegnon as a replacement, a player who they see to be a long-term successor to Rose.

With Danny Rose and Mauricio Pochettino set for crunch talks today, it won't only be Tottenham officials and fans waiting with bated breath for the outcome, but there will certainly be those at Old Trafford keeping a close eye on proceedings too.

With just over one week to go until the end of the window, it's certainly set to be a rollercoaster of a ride at Tottenham Hotspur Football Club. Would you expect anything less?


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