Controversial Sadio Mane red card incident

The footballing world has been divided over the controversial Sadio Mane red card

Controversial Sadio Mane red card incident

After Sergio Aguero opened the scoring for Manchester City in the 24th minute against Liverpool, Sadio Mane attempted to latch onto an over the top through ball that was played over the City defence by Joel Matip.

Ederson bravely decided to rush out of his goal to meet the ball with his head, ending up with Mane accidentally kicking him in the face.

After the incident, the referee, without conferring with his officials, confidently decided to give Mane a straight red card.

This was a very controversial turning point in the game, as Liverpool then went on to lose the game 5-0.

I believe that the ref should've conferred with his officials before making such a big decision and this is a prime example as to when the video referee is needed.

When Mane collided with Ederson, leaving the Man City keeper stunned, he had his eye on the ball the whole time and he didn't look at Ederson coming out, therefore, this was not a malicious attempt to hurt the keeper in any way and he was just trying to play the ball.

After the incident, Ederson had lengthy medical treatment on the pitch for about 10 minutes where he was then replaced by Claudio Bravo and taken to a nearby hospital for x-rays on his cheek.

I think that while Ederson was being treated on the pitch it would've been a perfect time for the ref to review his decision on video replay which I think needs to be brought into the game a lot more now especially with incidents like this.

The various pundits had different views on the incident, with Thierry Henry and Gary Neville both thinking that a red card was harsh whereas Jamie Carragher changed his mind on his view as he told Sky Sports:" It's a red card. I didn't think it was initially, I needed a lot of replays, but the boot in face says it all. Initially, I thought Mane made contact with Ederson's chest but he didn't. Yes, Mane's eyes were on the ball but it doesn't matter, he still endangered an opponent".

When Jamie says that he still endangered an opponent, I think that this is very interesting because of the incident when Swansea played Newcastle the day after.

The incident occurred when Matt Richie raised his foot high up to Alfie Mawson's head but he didn't connect with Mawson's head and so the ref gave him a yellow card.

I think that what Ritchie did does fall under the category of what Carragher said about endangering an opponent and so I think these two incidents show the inconsistency of the refs when making game changing decisions like the Mane red card decision by referee Jon Moss.

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