Juventus' 7 steps to becoming perfect

Juventus FC and the path to becoming a legend

Juventus' 7 steps to becoming perfect

What are Juventus up to?

The 7th "pearl" and a hotel booked in Kiev, Ukraine, with the view towards the stadium where the final will be played. Juventus have just begun the training for the new season without a lot of attention from the media and waiting for the big names to join the group in order to start over a new path towards a destination that has accompanied them for the last 7 years: winning!

The rival teams have done good signings in this transfer window, while Juventus did some transfers as well, but it was last year when they bought Higuain and Pianic. This year they need to make small improvements adding players with experience in their legs, like Douglas Costa and Blaise Matuidi, but also promising youngsters for the future, like Patrick Schick, Rodrigo Bentancur, that have already arrived and Bernardeschi that is expected to join.

7 years from the new era of Andrea Agnelli, the main objective for the new season is winning a 7th Serie A title in a row (no other team has ever achieved it), 7 steps but also 7 challenges that must improve what in the previous season was legendary (winning the title for the 6th consecutive time). Naturally, this must start in the Super Cup match against Lazio on August 13th and the team must resist until the UEFA Champions League Final in Kiev on May 26th, 2018.

Juventus FC celebrating

Improving the Group

In Europe, out of the top 5 leagues, Lyon were the only team to win 7 titles in a row. Of course in minor leagues, there are teams that have won even more than 7 titles in a row but Juventus want to reach this level, 7 "shots" in a row. Pumping up the motivation and setting new goals will be the foundation to achieve this - making the big jump and going beyond to becoming a legend. Allegri has said it "It will be a challenge in ourselves where we need to seek and improve what we can in our style of play. This will serve to become invincible in Italy and even in Europe".

More Variation

Allegri can be contented from the fact he has different modules to impose to his team. They will start with 4-2-3-1 with the "fantastic 4" in the front, but with time passing, of course, there will be space to try new modules.

Buying new wingers should be a crucial factor in giving more variation and perhaps even reaching a stage where they can even play with a real trident. Allegri has already started to think about that. If Matuidi arrives they can play with 3 midfielders and it can be just enough considering this season they will have Claudio Marchisio on top form because his injury has totally passed.

Gigi, the last hunt

Gigi Buffon's contract terminates in June 2018 and he has said that if he wins the UEFA Champions League he will continue playing and without doubt, this is the year in which he will be hunting for the only trophy that he lacks with Juventus.
He will be the leader like always of this new challenge that only he knows how to motivate.

"BBC" A race with the time

Barzagli, Bonucci and Chiellini will have the weight of one more year over their shoulders as time goes for everyone, but at the same time, they will have the pride to not show that. They have won again and again they must go through the time portal that doesn't stop. Right after them, there is Benatia and Rugani, both high-quality players and Caldara who will arrive next year. Their replacements are ready but anything can happen in this transfer window. 

More Alternatives

This is what Max Allegri has agreed with Juventus and everyone agreed that this is what they lacked in Cardiff. Aiming for Douglas Costa, getting a talent like Schick, the return of Pjaca in the middle of the season and the negotiations for Bernardeschi are the weapons they need. But it is worth mentioning that Marchisio is all set for the new season and there is a player like Mandzukic, who can play in more than just one position. 

"HD" Quality

Higuain and Dybala were tagged the HD duo, an Argentinian duet that was expected to give the black and white attack a high definition with their style of play and, of course, goals scored. Both of them must work harder than anyone this new season because during the most important match in Cardiff they showed they have a lot to improve. Higuain must work and prove that finals are not a nightmare for him and he must start and have a key role in them.
While Dybala must learn to be consistent like in the magic night in Torino where he left in the shadow even Messi, in order to take himself and his team towards the Champions League. 

The Road to Kiev

To keep thinking over Cardiff is a waste of time. Because after a fantastic season, the UEFA Champions League Final threw away all of the achievements. Deep inside, apart from winning the title, Juventus want to reach Ukraine next year and grab the win, to finally break the curse of losing Champions League Finals.


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